What could you do with a power-cell that outlasts the device it powers?

We develop and manufacture micro-power sources.

About Us

Formed in 2020, Arkenlight is the natural progression of the ASPIRE diamond group housed at the University of Bristol. Our radiovoltaic technology was developed by Professors Tom Scott and Neil Fox and their world class team of energy and diamond material scientists.

We embrace the circular economy and are driven by a mission to recycle wastes from the nuclear power industry such as Tritium and Carbon-14 and safely convert them into useful products that benefit the technological advancement of humanity.

Over 30,000 hours and £7 million have been invested into developing the technology, our business, and our key networks.

We have four patents covering the technology and more on the way.


All of our products are ultra-long-lived, zero maintenance, fit and forget, and operable in nearly any environment.

Application Ready

Sensor Pods

• Currently being used to monitor activity at Stromboli volcano and at a UK nuclear waste site
• Low energy wireless sensor networks
• Structural health monitors
• BLE Beacon
• Security systems

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Application Ready

BetaLight Voltaics

• Ready to ship developer kit emulating diamond battery performance
• 3.5 µW power output with a 12.3 year power performance half-life
• Represents our MVP for application development and niche market deployment

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In Development

Diamond Gammavoltaics

• Lifespan expected to approach a century
• Direct nuclear-electric conversion
• Suited to Low Power Applications
• Revolutionises nuclear monitoring
• Nuclear and Space industry applications
• Alpha test kits available for test phase collaborators

In Development

Tritium Beta Batteries

• Starting power output of 2 µW with a 12.3 year half-life
• Can be mechanically stacked in series or parallel for greater power or lifetime
• Pairs perfectly with capacitors for intermittent higher power applications
• Widest cross section of market applications

In Development

14C (carbon-14) Beta Batteries

• Starting power of 1 µW with no measurable power decline within lifetime of device
• Can be mechanically stacked in series or parallel for greater power
• Pairs perfectly with capacitors for intermittent higher power applications
• Revolutionises IoT & Structural Monitoring, Construction, Defence, & Space applications
• Coming 2026


Morgan Boardman: CEO – Founder

20+ years experience as an inspirational executive in technology startups in the USA and UK. Specializing in embryonic technology commercialization, concept to model transformation and strategic and operational planning. Industrial Advisory Board Member at the University of Bristol and Industrial Fellow at UoB.

Prof. Tom Scott: Director of Technology – Founder

Award winning materials scientist and Head Fusion Fellow at the Royal Academy of Engineering. Specialising in Radioactive Waste Management, Nuclear Materials, Sensors and Robotics. Strong and experienced research professional with substantial links to industry. Has spun-out several developmental applications from Bristol University, including ImiTec – A pioneering radiation mapping tool.

Prof. Neil Fox: Director R&D – Founder

Professor of Materials for Energy at The University of Bristol. An extensive background in commercial and academic pursuits. Actively involved as technical consultant in commercial start-up ADX, developing diamond coatings for microelectronic applications. Recipient of an 1851 Royal Commission industrial fellowship. An extensive background in commercial and academic pursuits. Holds 20 patents and has published over 80 scientific journal and conference scientific papers.

Yannick Verbelen PhD: Head of Product Innovation – Founder

Electrical engineer specialising in low power electronics, autonomous systems, intelligent sensors, and circuit board design. Has written a book and many papers on low-power energy harvesting and low-power electronics.

Hugo Dominguez PhD: Diamond Beta Battery Lead – Founder

Lead experimentalist in diamond materials with a background in mechanical engineering and a PhD in physics.

Robbie MacKenzie PhD: Gamma Voltaic Lead – Founder

Lead experimentalist in our Diamond Gamma Voltaic development programme.


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