What could you do with a power-cell that
outlasts the device it powers?

Arkenlight Limited is a maker of micro-power energy cells for use in the IoT space.

We develop and manufacture diamond based micro-batteries and the intelligent devices they serve.

An Evolution for Smart-Cities & Industry.

A Revolution for how we Live & Work.

Products in Development

Diamond Batteries

Tritium Diamond Beta Battery

> Multi-decade lifespan
> Wide cross sector market applications
> Zero maintenance
> Medical

Diamond Gammavoltaics

> Lifespan of decades
> Direct nuclear-electric conversion
> Suited to Low Power Applications
> Revolutionises nuclear monitoring
> Nuclear and Space industry applications

Carbon-14 Diamond Beta Battery

> Lifespan of many decades
> Suited to Low Power Applications
> Revolutionises IoT & Structural Monitoring
> Construction, Defence & Deep space applications

The Tritium Diamond Beta Battery

The Diamond Gamma Voltaic

The Carbon-14 Diamond Beta Battery

Application Ready Products

Dragon's Eggs and Sensor Pods

Arkenlight’s BetaLight Voltaics

> Lifespan of decades
> Suited to Low Power Applications
> Revolutionises IoT & Structural Monitoring

Arkenlight’s Dragon’s Egg Sensor Pods

> Lifespan of decades
> Contactless operation
> Currently applied to volcano or nuclear waste activity monitoring
> Revolutionises IoT & Structural Monitoring

Wireless temperature sensor. Powered by Arkenlight Betalight Voltaic

Arkenlight Sensor Pods

The Dragon Egg and drone delivery system

Arkenlight has assembled a best-in-class diamond battery research and development team; starting with 10 science professionals and supported by 4 business marketeers, Arkenlight is on track to mass produce power sources that will revolutionise the way the world works.


Morgan Boardman
CEO - Founder

20+ years experience as inspirational executive with operational and marketing background in technology.

Prof. Neil Fox
Director R&D - Founder

Prolific visionary physicist with extensive background in commercial and academic pursuits, with 20 patents.

Prof. Tom Scott
CTO - Founder

Award winning materials scientist sponsored by the Royal Academy of Engineering and a serial inventor.

Talmon Firestone
CCO - Founder

Resourceful and charismatic BD executive with over 20 years experience in BD. Co-founded NSD-Fusion GmbH Fusion Neutron Technology.


Arkenlight has been featured in global reaching media.
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Are Radioactive Diamond Batteries a Cure for Nuclear Waste?

In the summer of 2018, a hobby drone dropped a small package near the lip of Stromboli, a volcano off the coast of Sicily that has been erupting almost constantly for the past century.


Arkenlight "surprised" by NDB's grand nuclear diamond battery claims

Totally safe, self-charging batteries that generate power for thousands of years ... It's an exciting thought, and when we wrote about California's NDB in August, the story generated all kinds of feedback.


Nuclear waste recycled into diamond batteries with 'near-infinite power

Scientists are attempting to transform nuclear waste into batteries that can last for thousands of years.


Diamond battery can process nuclear waste and generate electricity

The ASPIRE Project, a collaboration between the University of Bristol and University of Oxford in the UK, has developed a diamond battery that can process nuclear waste and reduce disposal costs.